Top 10 Most Interesting Tweaks That You Can Install After Jailbreak

On July 12, 2013

Having a jailbreak done means limitless customization and tweaks, here are the most interesting and important tweaks you can install:

IntelliScreenX allows you to access from lockscreen mail information, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader accounts and many others.

SB Settings is the tweak without which I cannot stand. It provides shortcuts to iOS’s settings such as enabling and disabling Wi-Fi, 3G, Airplane Mode and with the Remove Background tweak installed you can close all open applications.

Zephyr is one of the most interesting tweaks existing for our devices and I wonder why it was not officially implemented by Apple or also other smartphone developers. This tweak allows you to use gestures to close/change applications open in the background.

iFile provides access to the files from iOS. As you know iOS is a closed system that does not let us change files in it. Well, iFile completely change this rule because with its help we can modify, rename, delete, copy, move or create files/folders but that is not all because using this tweak we can edit files or listen to Music.

Winterboard and Dreamboard are two tweaks that can totally change the look of our devices installing themes that you find in Cydia. For those who are tired of long unchanged appearance of iOS’s these two tweaks are a must have.

biteSMS is a replacement of native applications to iOS’s messages. It extends native functionalities allowing you to respond to messages from any application, to compose messages in any application, attach photos to contacts, and receive delivery reports and more.

Camera Tweak improves camera application, it came with many new features and editing modes.

Zeppelin is the tweak that can change the logo of your mobile operator that you find next to the clock in Batman’s logo and many other logos that you can find in Cydia.

DashboardX brings that element missing so much in iOS: widgets. This tweak allows you to add a large variety of widgets on homescreen, depending on what size you want to handle and many other interesting things.