Top 11 iPhone apps to do with Movies

On November 11, 2010

Top 11 Movie Related Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Decent Movie apps are actually quite hard to come by on the app store, so I have dug up the 11 best of the lot for you and reviewed them for you here! (Yes you did read right, 11, just an extra you see!)

1. Movie Genie

A really knowledge filled app filled with buckets of information on movies old and new alike. It is a client of IMDb, so you know you are receiving the most accurate and in depth information available on the web. You can search for movies, and even TV shows and video games through an intuitive system whereby a simple query such as an actor in a film brings a wealth of information to your fingertips. I have found that it is also very fast to use on Wi-Fi, but perhaps a little slower on 3G.

A steal at $0.99 Check it out! Also available on Android.

2. RunPee

A little crude, but a lifesaver for those who constantly need to use the toilet during the latest blockbuster. It gives the best time to answer natures call during the latest films, without missing a crucial plot twist. It vibrates a few minutes before the next ‘pee time’, letting you know when it’s time to go! Wi-Fi users will be able to use it due to the app being able to store data on films for offline viewing. Even non-Smartphone users are supported with a mobile website available.

It’s only $0.99 after all so what have you got to lose? Check it out! Also available on Android and Blackberry.

3. Scene It? Movies

The popular board game makes an appearance on the iPhone, making the cracking movie party evenings portable. Although it is a more one time use app, (i.e. once you’ve done all the questions that’s it), while it lasts, it is still great. It even has clips of movies for you to use which is a great addition. The actual questions vary in type from simple multiple choices, to doing puzzles with actors and actresses pictures. Obviously, there is a multiplayer mode which allows you to pass round the phone to answer questions. I would have liked a Bluetooth multiplayer mode to save the hassle of the passing around, and maybe in the future we could have some extra questions to download. On the whole though, an excellent app and worth a buy!

Priced at $1.99 on iPhone only. Check it out!

4. Flixster

This app rounds up Rotten Tomato scores for every film possible. Not only that, but it also shows trailers, gives short critic reviews, and helps you find local cinema times. I consider this an excellent base for all film fans researching the latest releases but I find Movie Genie’s utilisation of IMDb a bit more knowledge filled for DVD releases. However, I love the way in which you can view the tomato ratings without going into safari in Flixster a breeze to use. It also features a local cinema finder for when you’re out and about which actually does work!

Free on iPhone only. Check it out!

5. Yelp

Yelp is a database of cinemas all over the world with user submitted reviews. If you’ve just moved in, this great app will find the nearest screens, and display an array of reviews. Never again will you be served by the spotty teenager who sneezes in you popcorn, or sit in the most uncomfortable ‘premium’ seats since the history of cinema. Yelp also has the same system for bars and restaurants within the very same app, so after the credits roll, you can find the best grub in town to complete your evening!

Free on iPhone only. Check it out!

6. AirVideo

AirVideo is a movie streaming app for the iPhone and iPad. It quite simply resolves a major drawback of these products. Storage. As long as the app is installed on your PC/MAC as well, any manner of video you have downloaded onto your hard drive can be viewed anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection! Now when you download the latest movies/TV shows off iTunes, there is no longer the worry about having to delete older ones to fit it all in! Setup only took me about 5 minutes and I was watching a movie on my iPhone from my MacBook within 10. Anyone into digital movies should look no further!

$2.99 on iPhone. Check it out! Also available on iPad.

7.      Rowmote Pro

Yes, Apple does offer a free official remote app, but these guys let you control your whole computer setup from the comfort of your own sofa. Want to open up Word and edit a document, you can! I found the user interface to be high-quality, although not fully utilising the whole screen. The response time is really quick, and considering it allows you to bring up the keyboard on you iPhone/iPad and type from your sofa, it needs to be! A recent addition of a track pad allows for full control of you MAC now as well; although some updates are due to polish it up a bit.

$4.99 on iPhone. Check it out! Also available on iPad.

8.      iLocate

Basically a lighter version of Yelp, but this makes it far faster at locating cinemas through GPS of Zip Code. Then, at a touch of a button, all of the contact information, including the website for booking, is displayed in a clear intuitive manner. There is a map view or a list view for search results, and I personally prefer the list view as in larger cities, all of the cinemas seem to get quite overcrowded around each other and are hard to select with just a finger. Although I believe this app doesn’t have enough to be a paid one, your 99c won’t go to waste when this great app just pure and simply works.

$0.99 on iPhone only. Check it out!

9.      DVD Ferret

A nifty little DVD price comparison app which works in the UK as well as the US. It allows you to search for a DVD or Blu Ray over dozens of stores online such as Amazon to help you find the cheapest option. The great thing about this is that it’s 100% free, so you can save money for nothing. It has actually helped me realise the amount of cash I have wasted in my local retailer. It does take a while for all the results to load up, but remember, it’s all in the name of saving money! I would recommend doing this over Wi-Fi for slightly quicker results.

Free on iPhone only. Check it out!

10.  Movie Quotes

Definitely for impressing you friends in the bar with witty comments, this app contains hundreds of quotes from movies past and present organised by genre. They are stored in the actual app so, even when offline, or when you don’t want to waste data allowance, each and every one of them are ready and waiting for you. Although some of them seem to be scratching the barrel somewhat, it is definitely worth a look.

$0.99 on iPhone only. Check it out!

11.  Movie Vault for iPad

This app allows you to stream 1000’s of free movies to your iPad over 3G or Wi-Fi. Some of these movies actually feature some good actors/actresses such as John Wayne, and cool directors like Alfred Hitchcock. There is a steep asking price at $4.99 but for over a 1000 films at very high quality picture and sound, this is totally worth it!

$4.99 on iPad only. Check it out!


Thanks for reading through this summary. I have personally tried each of these apps and rest assured that these are my honest top 11. Feel free to comment on you opinions, which top 10’s you would like in the future and any other articles you would enjoy reading. Cheers!