Tweaked iPad 3 may be released along with iPad mini

On September 9, 2012

While it is only less than a week till the release of a new iPhone, people also can’t wait for another Apple product to be released. We are talking about a new variant of the iPad that is the iPad mini. The expected announcement date of the device is sometime on October which will be past the release date of the next generation iPhone as well. However, based on some rumors, a tweaked version of the iPad may be released along with the iPad mini.

When we talk about tweak, we aren’t talking about a lot of major changes. It may be some small hardware related problems. These include better heat dissipation and the use of a new type of display called the IGZO display. The aforementioned display was supposed to be the primary type of display used in the iPad 3. However, due to supply shortage, the company was not able to use it in their iPad 3.

If this new type of display is used, it means that the tweaked iPad 3 might just possibly be thinner and have better heat dissipation capability. Couple this two together and you might get better battery life as well. Should this happens to be true, it would definitely irk a lot of early iPad buyers.