Ufeed app launched by NGO to help alleviate hunger

On December 10, 2013

ufeedSpanish NGO Yooou (previously, Grupo 2013) has developed a mobile app called Ufeed that allows you to help by feeding starving children in third world countries. Through the power of smartphones and social media networks, Ufeed seeks to transform compulsive buying and bad eating habits to break the vicious cycle of poverty in disadvantaged families and communities.

The app is very easy to use and it requires only 4 clicks to send money for a charitable cause. You need to first download the app and install it on your smartphone. Whenever you feel the sudden urge to eat or drink, you can opt to share your food by clicking on the food or drink icon that you are going to offer.

You can then have a look at the map and select the NGO that is going to receive your donations, the area or the cause that you are going to support. You will then enter the price of what you are giving up, which will be the amount that you donate. When you make a lick, you will get a certificate for your donation.


Whenever you help to spread the awareness of the app on social media, a bowl of rice will be donated to the NGO that you have chosen. Sharing the idea on social media allows the NGO to concentrate its marketing expenditure on other noble causes, so do not be shy about it.

The app clearly shows the impact that micro-donations can have on charity. It ensures that you help other people while helping yourself to reduce or even do away with bad eating habits. The Ufeed app can also be used by grass-root organizations who can advertise it as a way of getting donations for their charitable causes.

Ufeed is now available in iTunes.

Check out the project’s website for more details!