Unlocking your iPhone from AT&T

On April 9, 2012

The iPhone is definitely a good device and it is there long enough for the contract of a lot of users to reach to an end. However, one of the problems that are still clouding a lot of AT&T customers is their inability to unlock their iPhones so that it can be used with other carriers as well. This isn’t good especially when their contract is up and it is their right to get it unlocked.

However, there are a few users that have managed to get their iPhones unlocked by AT&T, especially to those that have their complaints written to Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook. This is because Tim Cook decided to help a few of these users to get their phones unlocked by calling up AT&T and making sure that the iPhones that needed to be unlocked were done so. However, it is impossible for him to continue doing this and thus why AT&T is issuing a statement saying that users that have their contracts finished can get their phones unlocked.

Some of the criteria needed include having a good standing with AT&T and have all the 24 months paid for. However, it seems that not many AT&T staffs got this memo so you might need to push them a bit more to get things done.