Update and On Sale – iNews

On May 7, 2009

image1577931263.jpgI am, and continue to be, a huge fan of rss reader app iNews. It is fast, has a great ui and is a pleasure to use. Sure, I wish it synched with Google Reader (and it hopefully will soon) but it is so good that I love using it. There are three bits of news on the iNews front.

First, it is on sale. The normal price is $3.99 but right now it is just $.99. That’s a bargain! Buy it!

Second, it just got a nice update that includes, among other things, even quicker updating. (and it was super fast before!)

Third, the "add popular feeds" option in settings now includes three of my favorite websites- Gear Diary, Just Another Mobile Monday and a little site I lovingly refer to as WOiP.