Update – AP Mobile New Network

On May 27, 2009

It’s rare, exceptionally so, that I read dead tree books, papers or magazines. Between my Kindle, the NYTimes reader, Zinio and my iPhone there’s really no need for me to kill trees and deal with the bulk of paper and ink.

And apps like AP Mobile News Network make the move to E-Everything a whole lot easier.

The app was one of the highlighted programs when Apple first allowed 3rd party apps on the iPhone. Since its initial release it has gotten better and better. This update, however, is huge…

In a word, the update to version 2.0 of the app is all about "Customization"!

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The new version of the app lets you select what content you want and what location you are in. When you first start the app it asks you your general location (Europe, North American etc). It then asks you for your local via zip code in order to give you accurate weather. Then, the app ask you to determine what interests you.

Love international affairs but hate sports??? Turn one on and the other off.

Love sports but hate business?? Turn sports on and the business news off.

From, there the app now presents you with a Front Page containing only those areas that interest you.

It is a great way to get the news tailored to your interests and concerns in one quick, easy way. Best of all, the app is totally free!!!

Get it HERE.