Update – Evernote

On April 1, 2009

As I have written on many occassions I am a huge fan Evernote and use it all the time. I have an Evernote personal account that I use numerous times each day, my staff is now sharing an Evernote account and finding it incredibly useful and our team over on Gear Diary has been using it too.

Evernote is a superb productivity tool and the more I use it the more I rely on it.

Evernote’s original iPhone app was quite good. It did the job but left much to be desired. Recent updates have brought a host of new functionality including some (but not total) ability to edit notes and geotagging.

This evening Evernote for iPhone was updated to Version 2.0. The new version adds some much needed functionality including…

? NEW thumbnail view: Activate it by turning your iPhone while viewing notes 
? Landscape view now available for note editing
? Change the order of your favorites to suit your needs
? Better offline support for favorites, including improved access to attachments
? Much faster startup times
? Improved geo-tagging accuracy
? Embedded browser speeds access to web content linked in notes
? Numerous bug fixes and cosmetic improvements

It is a superb update that will make serious Evernote users happy and should earn them some additional Ever-converts. There are, however, some additional functions that I would like to see, including the ability to share some folders but not all and the ability to switch from one Evernote account to another with ease. That noted, however, Evernote Version 2.0 is sweet!