Update – StickWars

On May 18, 2009

     Two huge updates have come down for StickWars.  The updats have made the game a whole lot more fun!  Many new graphics as well as some tweaks of a couple of the things I did not like about the game have made this a really good tower defense game.  This is worth the $.99 asking price!


– Enemies now have weapons.

– New enemy:  Flying dragons!

– New wizard spell allows you to launch fireballs.

– Command Prisoners to charge out and fight off enemies.

– Added a sun as a level progress meter.

– Bug fixes.

– Less lag.

– Improved meteor launch detection.

– No longer have to wait for a capture to finish a level.

– New background music.

– Wizard man regain rate decreased.

– Reduced archer damage.

– Repairmen repair amount increased.

– Rounds shorter.

– More money for kills.

– Cheat codes enabled!!


Buy it here.