Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 3 January 2014

On January 3, 2014

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

How to access Apple’s secret internal SpringBoard settings menu on iOS 7 -As predicted, the flood of new tweaks has started to pour in. The latest tweak, one called HiddenSettings7, allows users to access Apple’s hidden internal SpringBoard settings menu. This menu, which contains a plethora of settings to garner fine grained control over the look and feel of your device’s SpringBoard, is accessible via a shortcut found in Control Center.

This Year’s 20 Must-Have Mac OS X Utilities – Here are all the utilities that have been especially useful in enhancing my productivity during 2013. Many are free, and those that aren’t include Australian pricing.

This Apple store gave away 15 Macbook Airs, stacks of iPads and accessories in “lucky bags” this morning – It’s January 2 here in Japan, and for most major stores and savvy consumers alike, that can mean only one thing: fukubukuro! Literally meaning “lucky bag”, fukubukuro give stores a chance to bundle items together – some great, some not so great – to sell off at a massively discounted rate and make room for incoming stock. The catch? Customers have no idea what they’re buying until after they’ve handed over their cash. Usually, though, they get far more than what they pay for.

Teardown of Apple’s new Mac Pro reveals socketed, removable Intel CPU – Hardware enthusiasts will likely be pleased to know that the processor powering Apple’s new Mac Pro desktop appears removable, meaning that future upgrades of the CPU could be possible.The CPU in the new Mac Pro is removable, Other World Computing has confirmed.

A look back at the biggest Apple stories of 2013, and what could 2014 bring? – As we enter a New Year, it seems like a good time to reflect on the year that just passed and discuss what might be to come in the year ahead.

Like the Wild West’, Some 4K Monitors Unsupported – In its lengthy review of the new Mac Pro, AnandTech discovered that the Mac Pro’s current support for 4K monitors leaves something to be desired. The reviewer connected the Sharp 32″ 4K display that Apple currently offers on the Apple Online Store, expecting that OS X work the same way on that panel as Apple’s current Retina MacBook Pro models do.

Give your old device the look and feel of iOS 7 with Whited00r 7 –  Although Apple is one of the best handset-makers around when it comes to supporting older devices, it does have a cutoff point. And for iOS 7, that cutoff point was the iPhone 4, meaning you can not install the new firmware on devices older than that.

Tim Cook docks himself $4 million in pay – Apple CEO Tim Cook’s pay was reduced by 10%, but he still took home more than $40 million in 2013. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Tim Cook gave himself a sizable slap on the wrist this past summer, docking himself $4 million in pay for Apple’s underperforming stock price. Apple’s board decided this past year to align its CEO’s pay with the company’s performance.

iTunes Connect Back Online Following Scheduled Holiday Downtime – Apple brought iTunes Connect back online on Friday, following a scheduled holiday hiatus. The developer portal is once again open for uploads, app pricing, distribution and management.

Dell compares itself to Skype, Dropbox, and other startups in first ad since going private – Dell’s now private, and it has a fresh, sentimental advertisement to show people just how its humble beginnings will undoubtedly help shape the company in the new year and going forward