Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 30 May 2014

On May 30, 2014

Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

Third-Party Apps That Are Better Than the Official Counterparts – Services like Twitter, Dropbox, YouTube, or Wikipedia love to release official apps for their services. More often than not, third-party developers swoop in to make better apps to access those services than the official ones.

Impressive iOS email app Acompli adds support for iCloud, Hotmail, Live and Outlook.com – Acompli, the iOS mobile email and calendar app that we like a lot, has gone up in our estimations after adding support for iCloud, Hotmail, Microsoft Live and Outlook.com.

10 insanely great iPhone gadgets – One thing Apple’s always been pretty good at is creating an ecosystem that supports smart accessories from third party manufacturers. I’ve assembled ten insanely great solutions for your entertainment this Memorial Day.

Apple SVP Eddy Cue: Apple’s best products in 25 years will launch in 2014 – In an interview during Re/code’s Code Conference, Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue echoed Tim Cook’s earlier references to the company’s product line for 2014, further building up anticipation for the devices Apple will launch in 2014.

How to make iOS do a barrel roll – If you’re my age (32) then you’re probably very familiar with where the “Do a Barrel Roll” meme originated. It was from Star Fox 64, a game for the Nintendo 64.

Beats drops Solo encore before Apple takeover – 24 hours haven’t even passed since Apple announced it scooped up Dre’s bass-loving headphone company but that’s not stopping the Dr. and Iovine from busting out an encore to their most successful headphones yet. This morning Beats revealed its replacing its popular Beats Solo headphones with the new Beats Solo 2.

Eddy Cue discusses challenges facing Apple in the TV space – While the topic du jour during Eddy Cue’s Code Conference interview naturally centered on Apple’s Beats acquisition, there were also some notable exchanges regarding Apple’s burgeoning interest in the TV space. As it stands today, Apple’s involvement with TV begins and ends with the Apple TV.

Here’s How a 1984 Macintosh Tutorial Taught People to Use a Mouse – A generation of us grew up interacting with computers through a mouse—but that has not always case and will not always be the case. (Hi there toddlers on iPads!) When the Macintosh 128K debuted in 1984, it had to teach users how to point, click, and drag with a charming, game-filled mouse tutorial.

Note-Taking Apps for the Apple iPad – With an Apple iPad in hand, you never have to carry a paper notebook again—that is, if you have the right app. Here are seven great note-taking apps for the iPad.

Back up your iPhone’s data right now: Huge iOS ransomware scam hits the U.S. – Now is a good time to make sure all the data on your iPhone is backed up in the cloud. CBS Los Angeles reports that the huge iOS ransomware scam that first popped up in Australia on Tuesday has now made its way to the United States.