Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 6 June 2014

On June 6, 2014

Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

?Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC – Today at WWDC, Apple announced a huge batch of products aimed straight at the heart existing companies and apps. Here are just a few of the things that are feeling a spinning beach ball.

iOS 8’s “one more thing” that Apple didn’t have time to announce at WWDC – There were lots of new things that were announced for iOS 8, but Apple didn’t have time to introduce everything on stage at WWDC. We’ll group these features, many of which didn’t get a proper mention, in this “one more thing” post.

How to install Yosemite right now without ruining your Mac – OS X 10.10 Yosemite is gorgeous. It’s the biggest visual overhaul to come to OS X since Aqua, which has caused a rush of Apple fanboys – including our own Leander Kahney –  to jump the gun and install the buttery smooth interface on every Mac in sight.

Teen coder gives Apple a ‘Swift’ verdict – “Please say you’re kidding,” the 16-year-old licensed Apple developer told “Squawk Alley.” “I finally got to the point where I feel very comfortable with Objective C, and then I come here.”

Designers Explain Why Apple’s New OS X Typeface Is a Strange Choice – It was one of the more subtle changes showcased during yesterday’s WWDC keynote: Apple finally ditched its OS typeface Lucida Grande to use Helvetica Neue across the board.

AirPlay on iOS 8 uses peer-to-peer, won’t require you to connect to a network – The last thing to pop up between you and that awesome presentation you’ve been working on for months, should be the inability to find the local WiFi password at the correct time. However, that seems to happen frequently enough as to warranted a response from Apple.

WhatsApp CEO Angry iMessage RipOffs – His point is that Apple just added features for iMessage that WhatsApp users have had for a long time. WhatsApp users could always record media, like audio or video, and share location data easily through messages.

‘Swift’ Programming Language Been in Development for Four Years, “Major Focus” Since 2013 – The Swift programming language was as close to a “One More Thing” as there was at the WWDC Keynote this week, debuting to significant cheers from the developers in the audience.

Report: Apple defines specs for Lightning headphones with 48KHz output – Beats founders will join Apple, and Apple will retain the Beats brand.Apple has created a new specification for its Made for iPhone (MFi) program that will allow OEMs to make headphones that use the Lightning port instead of the standard headphone jack.

After 14 years, the “Preview Kid” on OS X’s Preview icon is no more – While design changes to the Finder and Trashcan icons are the most noticeable, you may have missed the significance of Apple’s brand new Preview icon. By itself, it’s not too shabby, what with a scenic photo nestled beneath a loupe.

In iOS 8, Apple Has Ditched Yahoo For The Weather Channel – Another minor (but significant) change to have appeared in iOS 8 concerns the Weather app. Now, Apple is listing The Weather Channel as the provider of its weather data and information instead of Yahoo, in a move that spells bad news for Marissa Mayer’s company.