Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 6 September 2013

On September 6, 2013

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news!

China Telecom prematurely announces it will carry iPhone 5S/5C beginning September 20 – Just as Reuters suggested the major Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo could finally start carrying Apple’s iconic smartphone this Fall, numerous reports that are now coming out of Asia highlight a seemingly unusual slip-up on the part of China Telecom, the third-largest mobile telecommunication provider in the People’s Republic of China and tenth-largest carrier in the world.

AT&T begins training support staff on Apple’s iOS 7 ahead of public release – Apple carrier partner AT&T began training its support staff on the upcoming iOS 7 update on Thursday, in preparation for the software’s launch in the near future, AppleInsider has learned

What To Expect At Apple’s Tuesday Event Beyond New iPhones  – It has been 11 months since Apple last unveiled a new iOS device. That is about to change. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, Cupertino will finally reveal new iPhones and other new goodies. So what should we expect to see on Sept. 10? It’s time to take a look.

Does Apple Have Any Surprises Left For Next Week’s iPhone Reveal? – CEO Tim Cook promised the company was going to “double down on secrecy” about what it was working on. Presumably the idea was to keep competitors guessing, but also to surprise and delight the faithful at new product reveals. Based on what we already know about the upcoming iPhone announcement planned for Tuesday, September 10, that “ doubling down” isn’t working out so well.

10 Mac Apps in 1 Bundle, Name your Own Price – Simply put – software bundles are great. They load you up with a ton of apps on the cheap. However, most Mac App bundles cost around $40 or $50. That’s what makes this latest bundle from StackSocial stand out – it includes 10 mac apps with an MSRP of $412 for whatever you want – it’s name your own price!

10 things you can do on a Mac that you can’t on a PC – Here are some things you can do on any Mac – no extra software required!

What is Apple’s Fusion Drive & How Does It Work? – Solid state drives are awesome. Once you’ve had one, you’ll never want to go back to relying on sluggish hard drive platters and delicate moving parts again. The only snag is that solid state storage is still prohibitively expensive for storing lots of data. While a 256GB or 512GB SSD might be fine for your oft-used apps, OS and local documents; when it comes to terabytes of movies, music and photos an SSD is not a cost effective option.

Op-ed: Why the days are numbered for the legacy iPod – Come this October, the classic iPod as we know it will be 12 years old. And over the last 12 years, the iPod has had a pretty good run. It has arguably been one of a couple of ideas that turned Apple around as the company was teetering on free-fall, and it still remains one of Apple’s most iconic products to date.

Confused by the Galaxy Gear? Apple released a better, cheaper watch in 2010 – The smartwatch market is a weird one, so when a new device enters the fray it can be somewhat confusing to pinpoint exactly where it fits in. Samsung jumped in today with the reveal of the Galaxy Gear, a $299 smartwatch that, at launch, will work with exactly one smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3.

Apple stops Omni Group from offering upgrade pricing for Mac App Store apps –  Last week we told you how The Omni Group released OmniKeyMaster, and app that works by searching your Mac for Omni apps from the Mac App Store and then lets you purchase the newest version from the web at upgrade pricing.