Welcome To MMS…

On September 26, 2009

Well, I can’t say that I’m not excited to have it, but after 2 years of not having it, and everyone else having it, its sort of bitter sweet.  I know our non-US readers must be thinking "Who Cares!  We’ve had this since day 1, why would Apple have picked AT&T in the first place?".  I think we all remember the reason for that right?  No one else would give Apple their 100% creative freedom, especially when it came to logos (Verizon wanted to private label the iPhone).

To be honest, I almost have to think about MMS being available now before using it.  After trying it with a few friends (some on T-Mobile), most of them got my MMS, but surprisingly a few didn’t.  Is AT&T still working the kinks out?  Will they be fixed by the end of the weekend?  Whatever it is, I’m glad its finally here, and now we can bitch about getting tethering…  Have you used it yet?  Any troubles?