What Can We Expect From iOS 7

On May 6, 2013

Apple will present at the event dedicated to developers in June, the new company’s mobile operating system, iOS 7. What can we expect from it? It will bring the company from Cupertino dramatic changes in terms of graphics and will come with revolutionary features? Hardly.

From what we know so far, Apple will be limited to a few updates but will not shake the industry with a revelation. But let us see point by point what we know on the subject at this time.

Graphics changes, but not radical

According to 9to5Mac the graphic changes in iOS 7 and functionality over the previous generation will be the largest that we have seen so far since the launch of the operating system.

Even so, do not expect Apple to substantially change OS’s look because it would only trample their own strategy. It talks a lot about a simplified interface similar to Metro (Windows 8). Even if they have redesigned the icons and menus, all visual elements will remain in Apple’s design concept, you will recognize the style of the graphics already established by Apple.

Polarizing filters

Not new, but Apple probably will promote it as one. So-called polarizing filters for the owner of the screen to remove certain viewing angles, so when using the phone, a second person, let’s call it unauthorized cannot see clearly the display of the Smartphone. In other words, Apple could implement this function to give users a little more privacy.

Further information at hand

We know that Apple was criticized for the low level of access to iOS notifications. Version 7 of iOS should solve this problem and allow iPhone users much faster access to absolutely all the information they want. It talks about the notification screen that can be brought on display by a slide, but remains to be seen what Apple propose at WWDC in June.