What’s (Coming Soon) On iPhone… Gesture from BigStonePhone

On September 3, 2008

Big Stone Phone, the creative iPhone app developers behind my favorite Twitter client Twittelator Pro, have yet another app on the way.

Gesture is an upcoming app for creating digital paintings on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

With Gesture you create artwork in your “Studio” and display them in your “Gallery“. You can create art work from scratch or instantly pointilize photos. You can even load images from the internet.

You can also…

–zoom in for detail work 

–undo changes you don’t like.

Paintings can be saved on your device and played back like a movie or sent to the Gallery, which allows you to view paintings in landscape mode, add and delete paintings and even share your paintings with others.

This promises to be a powerful app for creative types (or even the less artistically inclined like me) and, judging from the other apps from Big Stone Phone, will be a winner.

Gesture will be available in the App Store soon for $4.99.

For more information you can check here.

We’ll have a full review as soon as it is released.