What’s (Coming Soon) On iPhone… Smart Dial

On September 5, 2008

I’m really excited that this app is awaiting approval by Apple.

I’m also a bit peeved- not at the app but at the fact that this is something Apple should have included from the beginning.

They didn’t. Fortunately, Smart Dial fills in the gap Apple left and does so quite well.

SmartDial makes it possible to quickly dial someone who is in your contacts by spelling their name.

With it you can–

–find contacts by first and last name
–view contacts by default phone number or other alternative numbers
–recent call log

Edit: While you can do this from the contacts app, you cannot currently do so directly from the dial pad. Smart Dial means you only need the dial pad and, therefore, cuts down one step in making a call.

To make searches even faster, the settings page allows you to-


–determine if you want to give priority to the person’s first or last name

-Search recently dialed numbers first

-Choose which number is the default if a contact has multiple numbers.

It works well and does what it promises. The program actually looks pretty much like the native dialer. To use it you simply start spelling your contact’s first or last name. As you do the contact will appear with spelling and numerical listing indicated.

You can then…Tap the down arrow to view next contacts, tap the contact name to view alternative phone numbers of that contact or simply spell the rest of the name!

An upcoming upgrade will make it even more useful by adding an automatic setting for one-touch last call dial.

Smart Dial now has a permanent place in my iPhone’s dock. It is awaiting approval and should be out soon for $2.99.

We’ll let you know as soon as it comes available.

You can contact the developer directly with any questions or comments at [email protected]