What’s On (My) iPhone

On April 6, 2009

Over the weekend I was struck by how different my "FirstScreen" (those apps I need to access most frequently and/or quickly) looks now than it did just a few short weeks ago.

Many of the apps which had been there for months have now been replaced with others. Some of the current residents are new and replace one or more other apps. Others are apps I have had but now, thanks to recent updates, are better and more useful than ever. For example reQall is back, having bumped Jott after its recent update to Version 2.0.

I started writing up my list of "FirstScreen" apps but then realized there might be a more interactive way to go. I threw together this widget which depicts my current "FirstScreen". Take a look and, if so inclined, let me know what apps I am missing that you think belong there instead.