What’s (Price Reduced) On iPhone

On September 2, 2008

There are times when you just need to take and send a quick voice note to yourself or someone else. You don’t need it transcribed the way reQall and Jott can. You don’t need it stored for eternity the way Evernote can. You just need to create and send a note simply and without the time-constraints  of 30 seconds to 5 minutes like those other apps have.

That’s where Note2Self comes in. It makes quick business of recording notes.

While I use Evernote and reQall, I also use Note2Self on a regular basis and highly recommend it.

Best of all the App Store is showing a significant price reduction.

You can now purchases Note2Self for just $.99.

I have used Note2Self since it was first released and have had the opportunity to use a beta version of the update. It is incredibly useful!

Read on for a full run-down of new features in Version 1.11.

Version 1.11 offers numerous powerful features-

You can now choose to shake the iPhone to record a note, or simply turn it face down on a desk

Note2Self sports GPS Location Tagging of voice notes, so you can know where it was taken.

You can now-

-name and re-order notes
-turn off the accelerometer support
-pausing recordings
– GPS Location Tag
– imtegrate with Google Maps
-naming of notes
-clear All Notes
-reorder Notes
-show more information on a particular note
-control volume

-record audio as long as there is free space, and offers two encoding options to help decide the quality of the voice message which are playable with Apple’s QuickTime software.