What’s On Tip- Check “Settings” When You Download New Apps

On September 5, 2008

This little tip may be obvious to many but I still think it’s worth mentioning, particularly since many of the applications available through the App Store with extensive documentation.

The tip– whenever you download a new program take a second to jump over to "settings" to see if the app added a new category for customization.

While this may be obvious for applications that require a login such as Pandora or reQall it may be less obvious for programs such as Save Benji’s. I know that it didn’t occur to me to look at the Settings area when I downloaded and tested the application (which happens to be amazing). The options available there, however, make the application far more powerful and user-friendly.

You can, for example, choose to set —


-Two different e-mails when you want to send a link to a particular item.

-The item’s condition. You search only look for new items, used items or items whose condition is unknown. Or you can choose any combination of the three.

-How many recently search products you want.

-Whether or not you want to show messages, the tax and shipping warning or offering information once or more.

Perhaps the most powerful feature is that you’re able to select which of the main retail stores you want to include in your search.

All of these settings are more than mere conveniences, as they will help  refine the type of information that you receive. In the case of Save Benjis it makes an awesome app… errr… awesomer.