Whats Your Opinion?

On November 25, 2008

Among the many complaints with regard to the iPhone’s lackings thusfar (and there have been many), was the device’s continued reliance on a physical sync with iTunes on order to download podcasts.  This was exacerbated by Apples rejection of the app Podcaster.

As I have previously noted, the app (which I purchased an ad hoc copy of) worked beautifully.  It became obvious a few weeks back, however, that the rejection by Apple was the result of Apple already prepping their own OTA access to podcasts.

Well, it arrived with 2.2 and works quite well.  Even so, I have mixed feelings about it, as I feel badly for Podcaster’s developer who put in a good deal of time and effort on something that is now entirely unecessary.  While I know it will never happen, I wish Apple would make public a list of future goals and objectives so others don’t have to waste their time in such a way.  At the same time, I am thrilled to see the podcast feature added.  While I had a copy of Podcasters for my iPhone, I didn’t have it on my Touch. Now, with the 2.2 update, I do, and I love it.

So here’s my question for you…

Now that podcasting is here, are you actually using it?  If so, what are your favorite podcasts?