IOS 4.3.3 Users Find WiFi Connection Problems

On May 26, 2011

According to Apple’s discussion forums between users, there were some problems on the WiFi network connectivity issues, those running the latest version of IOS software, namely 4.3.3. Apple has had such problems in the past, but on the first version of the iPad tablet. This time the problem extends to the iPhone and iPod.

The problem is that the devices either fail to connect to WiFi network, or it is not listed or disconnect the device regularly for a few moments and sometimes, even when connected and appears to be no problem, the user fails to use the web pages.

If you encounter the same problems now know why. You should not panic because Apple knows this problem and its employees already working on solving a problem that will be done through a new update to its IOS software, just as it did before, by passing IOS 4.3.2 to IOS 4.3.3 to resolve the most disputed issue, tracking the device by Apple.

Some solutions by the users:

  • Restoring the network settings on your iPhone.
  • Changing the Wifi Security from WEP to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Changing your time capsules channel settings
  • Downgrade your router to 7.5.1