Will Tomorrow… Fix My iPhone??

On September 12, 2008

I was speaking with a friend the other day. She has a 16GB iPhone and absolutely loves it. She, like many of us, finds that it has the potential to do so much that it is often the only thing we need to carry. It truly is a handheld computer and as the apps for it become increasingly stable and sophisticated that will only increase.

I commented to her that I was looking forward to the new firmware because my iPhone had begun crashing all the time. She looked at me and said "Your iPhone crashes? Mine hasn’t crashed once." I was more than a bit perplexed. Sure, I know people whose iPhones have been more stable than others, but I had not heard from anyone who had NEVER encountered a crash.

It made more sense when she told me that she had never had more than one additional app on her iPhone at any time. That made sense. No apps meant no crashes. Lots and lots and lots of apps has meant… lots of crashes and reinstalls. And boy have I gotten good at reinstalls. To my mind though, it has been a more than reasonable trade off.

I’ve enjoyed using so many neat apps and love the fact that I’m able to download and review so many for the site but man am I happy that tomorrow might fix my iPhone (and yours).

Firmware 2.1 for the iPhone should be released through iTunes at some point during the day and I can’t wait to update my iPhone 3G.

I have been using the new version of Firmware on my Touch since Tuesday and I am happy to report that it is incredibly stable. The device is fast, functions smoothly and has not had a single crash. Even after I loaded a ton of applications on it it hasn’t acted up in the slightest. Here’s hoping the new firmware does the same for the iPhone.

Here’s hoping as well that it brings a couple of surprises since, contrary to popular belief, fewer dropped calls, better battery life, and fewer crashes aren’t features. They are, however, what will take the device far more reliable and let us load applications without worrying what impact it might have.

What will 2.1 bring? We already know it adds genius playlist functionality (I’ve been using it on iTunes and my Touch and like it a lot) but maybe, just maybe, Stevo has some additional goodies for us. We’ll know soon enough!