Wish List for iOS 6

On June 10, 2012

The iOS 6 is bound to be announced at the WorldWide Developer Conference 2012 on Monday and it might be one of the many highlights of the events as well. With this being said and done, the iOS 6 might be paving way for new upgrades for the iOS devices and it is rather interesting to see what Apple has in store for us. Like many people, we can’t help but to wish for some new things in iOS 6 and here is what that is on our mind.

One of it is customization. This is something we’ve been wishing Apple would grant us since day one. Right now people are depending on apps such as Winterboard to customize their devices. However, it would be better if Apple themselves were to offer this instead. In addition to that, we also hope for a custom widget feature as well. Right now, it is only limited to Weather and Stock so hopefully iOS 6 will see the release of an API for this feature.

Some other things include iCloud Tabs (possibly granted), file manager, improved multitasking feature, improvements to Siri and a lot more. We know that not all of these will make it to iOS 6 but we do hope that the good ones do make it.