WOiP Tip and NetNewsWire Stats

On September 23, 2008

While NetNewsWire continues to be my RSS reader app of choice, I have been toying with the idea of switching to Byline. The reason?

Once I add a post to "clippings" in NetNewsWire there is currently no way to access it from the iPhone app. That kind of defeats the "read it later" aspect of adding something to clippings.

This morning I realized that one work-around is to take screeen caps of the post in questions. While this awkward process often requires multiple screen caps for posts longer than one "screen’s worth", it is effective and does work. The better option, of course, would be NetNewsWire adding this functionality to the app.

Of more interest was a post on the NetNewsWire blog. It listed some current user stats. According to the post…

–There are over 200,000 users of NetNewsWire for iPhone
–Over 115,000 iPhone users have signed up in the past 30 days
–The average NetNewsWire iPhone user subscribes to 26 feeds
–One NetNewsWire/iPhone user has over 2,800 feeds — wow!
–More than 130 million items have been marked read by NNW/iPhone users

Something tells me that a few additions to the app (like access to clippings!!!!!!) and those numbers go even igher!!

NetNewsWire is free in the App Store.