WriteRoom – Promo Codes Awarded

On January 14, 2009

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Developer’s Notes:
For people who want something better then the default Notes application. WriteRoom provides similar functionality in a richer and cleaner package. Unlike Notes, WriteRoom also provides optional Wi-Fi access to your documents.?- Clean black and white look.?- Standard fonts and simple black background.?- Use a bigger keyboard in horizontal orientation.?- Access your documents from your computer over Wi-Fi.?Wi-Fi access to your notes is an optional feature that is disabled by default. When enabled you can browse and edit your documents from your local computer in Safari. This feature is not currently password protected. When you enable document sharing anyone on your local network can access you WriteRoom iPhone documents. WriteRoom for the iPhone is inspired by my WriteRoom for OS X application, but functionally WriteRoom for the iPhone is more similar to the default Notes application. When you purchase WriteRoom for the iPhone you will also get a 5$ off coupon that can be used when purchasing either of my Mac OS X desktop applications. WriteRoom or TaskPaper.