With WWDC Days Away It’s Time To Play… Hardball

On June 5, 2009

With WWDC just a few days away there are a few things about which we can be sure.

1. The rumors will fly.

2. The rumors that get too close to home will be hit with some serious hardball responses.

Case in point… the Australian site MacTalk’s Talk of the end of life for the 16GB iPhone.

According to a post over on iPhone Matters MacTalk posted news/rumor and a screen shot to back up the news that we were coming to the end of life for the iPhone 16GB version



This isn’t a huge piece of news or even rumor. We know there will be a shake-up in the storage capacity for the various iPhones that will soon be available. (At last rumor there will be four models although it is unclear if this refers to 4 distinct models of varying capacity or four models with varied capacity within any given model. We suspect the former.)

The news here is that MacTalk’s post was "enough to catch the eye of a firm (whose identity won’t be revealed according to Mactalk) and issue the cease and desist letter albeit two weeks too late."

Don’t ya just love the drama that gets stirred up before an Apple event?!?!?!