XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS now available for a whopping $20

On June 20, 2013

If you’re a gamer, you would be familiar with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which is the proud holder of many awards including the Best Game of 2012 for PC and Consoles. iOS is the next big stage for the developers at 2K Games, as the on-the-go version of XCOM hits the AppStore.

As you could see, all the game elements from the original, like the strategical turn-based gameplay, improving mechanics, upgrading equipments and recruiting soldiers is present in the mobile version too. Stunning graphics, tense gameplay and the prominent sound effects are to be highlighted. Nothing is left behind instead everything is made touch friendly, as claimed by the James Solomon, the Lead Designer behind XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

There are a couple pull-backs though. Only iPhone 4S & up, iPad 2 & up, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5 are supported. Besides, this 1.86 GB game is rather heavy on most pockets with a tag of 20 dollars.

So, if your device and your wallet says yes, you can grab XCOM: Enemy Unknown from the AppStore now.