Blot for iphone, ipad Review

On May 5, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Blot for iphone, ipad Review

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By: Majestic Software Pty Ltd

Version #: 1.0.0

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Developer: By Majestic Software

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One of the many trends that we see on the app store is sketch art or doodle. We seem to love the look of an old notebook with half-sketches and other proto-art. Blot by Magestic Software takes this theme to a casual reaction game that pits a lonely blots of ink against the harsh points of sharpened pencils. In case that drama isn’t enough for you, lets look at what else Blot has in store.

The basic gameplay of Blot is essentially a run and jump style game. Now in this case you are simply floating forward as you were projected from a cannon fountain pen, but the concept is the same. You tap anywhere on the screen to raise yourself up to avoid the oncoming sharpened writing sticks. In the process, you will collect coins that let you purchase art supplies, and you will encounter smears of colored ink that will temporarily dye you and thereby grant you special abilities like speed boost, or magnetism. The game gets progressively faster until you eventually slam headlong into an obstacle.

The afore mentioned art supplies are used to boast abilities in the game and while some are limited in use they can help you edge out a larger score. There are also many different costumes that you can also purchase that, while not enhancing anything in the game, does enhance your coolness.

Games like Blot are one of the larger sections of games on the app store, so it is hard for a game like this to stand out amongst the crowd of others. Blot does have a nice artistic style and a decent control method for the game, but I think it is found lacking in the depth of gameplay and replay-ability. There really isn’t much more to do once you have really gotten the hang of the game. The upgrades are very minor and are either limited use, or limited to one per game. The costumes are simple another cute way to spend the collected coins and of course there are IAPs for those that don’t want to bother playing to game to unlock anything. I would hope that the developer would do more to expand the gameplay so as you entice a larger commitment to the game.

We rate this app 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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