Borderlands Legends Review – A poor game from a reputed franchise

On November 12, 2012

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Borderlands Legends Review –  A poor game from a reputed franchise

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By: 2K Games

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2012-10-31

Developer: Borderlands Legends Support

Price: 4.99

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If you jumped up from your seat, hearing the app name and are preparing to indulge in some hardcore action as in its PC/Mac/PS3 versions, please spend a little time with me through this review, before you regret your 5 bucks getting wasted.
The app opens with an amazing animation intro video which literally makes your hair stand up, but once you are into the game, oh, you feel like weeping. Let me break it to you that this is not a 3D or First-Person Shooter game, instead it is an eagle-eyeperspective game with nano heroes wandering about the screen.

You can select and control each Legend separately into fighting off the enemies. Tap a hero and tap anywhere else to make him move, swipe to an enemy or object to shoot it, swipe to an ally to heal him. To take home a level, make sure all foes are dead and none of you are. The basic concept is simple and we have seen many games (Tower defense games) where it is beautifully executed. But, unfortunately the Borderland is not one of them.

The characters are too small to be seen or selected and most of the time you dont even see where you are going. This is a problem with the iPhone version because of the small screen. But this is not a universal app and once bought, you are stuck with it. You have to pay another 7 bucks for the HD version on iPad; that would solve this issue but size is not all that is wrong. The controls are one of the weakest I’ve ever used and 9 out of 10 times, instead of shooting the beast, you end up healing your pal. The touch input is poorly responsive and even in menus, you have to tap a dozen times to select an item. The graphics is below par and conversations are via speech bubbles (we deserve better).

Despite from the reputed Borderlands, this game cannot match even some free Tower defense games. If FPS wasn’t possible, a dual-stick controllable game would have been tolerable or atleast some better graphics and controls. But flimsy in the very core, this game seems to rob you off 5 bucks in the name of the Franchise and I hope that none of our readers fall for it!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:I would take a refund if possible

Learning Curve:Medium, because its hard to even see the legands

Who Is It For:For those who got a promo code

What I Like:Nothing specific

What I Don't Like:Controls and gameplay

Final Statement:Don't say I din't warn you.

Read the Developer's Notes:
It'll blow your mind!

Borderlands Legends is the latest addition to the Borderland franchise, specifically designed for mobile and tablet. Control Mordecai, Lilith, Brick and Roland and take out the oncoming waves of enemies. Collect in-game cash by destroying enemies and purchase new weapons. Earn experience and level up your characters, unlocking new skills and abilities! Each character has their own set of unique skills and abilities, use them wisely to survive!

- Play as your favorite characters from the original Borderlands
- Randomized missions
- Thousands of different weapons
- 36 unique powers and abilities
- Strategic cover system
- Fight for your life mode

NOTE: This game is in English only.

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