Cars 2 – Review

On July 5, 2011

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Cars 2 – Review

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By: Disney

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2011-06-23


Price: 0.99

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It says something about the quality of a movie studio if it produces a decent movie and many critics consider it a dud. That’s how I feel about the movie Cars 2 and that’s how I feel about the iOS game of the same name.

On the other hand, I’m not the target audience for this game. That demographic is a little younger than me which would explain why it’s so simple to play. Basically, you are one of the four main characters in the movie Cars and you’re driving around a location from the movie with items to pick up that would garner points and impediments that would incapacitate you.

The game is very simplistic and requires only one action from the user to play: tap the screen in order to make the character jump. Even the control panel is simple as all the user can do is turn on and off the volume and sound effects (and not even the ability to raise and lower the volume). Since it’s a Disney app, there is naturally a whole section of ads for other Disney apps.

This entire game is disappointing because it seemed like a missed opportunity to make a "Real Racing" sort of game. However, the game is child’s play both literally and figuratively. It’s a shame really, because I would have enjoyed a "Shrek Kart" type of racing game with the Cars characters. Of course, Disney still owns the characters so that isn’t an impossibility sometime in the future. Perhaps Cars 3.

Quick Take

Value:Medium to high.

Would I Buy Again:Possibly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Kids or die-hard Pixar fans.

What I Like:Cute and simple to use.

What I Don't Like:Could have been a real racing game.

Final Statement:Like the movie it's based on, Cars 2 is good but a little disappointing.

Read the Developer's Notes:

Join Lightning McQueen, Mater and two new characters from Disney • Pixar’s feature film in a fun platform racing game. Your mission in Cars 2 is to complete each race, unlock new levels, and get the high score!


Timing is everything. Tap to jump, double tap to jump higher. Use checkpoints, ramps, and hooks to gain an advantage.


Play as Mater, Lightning McQueen, rookie agent Holley Shiftwell, and master spy Finn McMissile!


Race through three locations inspired by the new film, including the mysterious Oil Rig, the streets of Tokyo, and the bridges of London.


Multiply your score by collecting oil cans. Replenish health with wrench pick-ups.


Keep a sharp eye out and jump over for items that will slow you down.

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