Cartoon Defense: Space Wars – Not as crumbly as it sounds

On August 6, 2012

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Cartoon Defense: Space Wars – Not as crumbly as it sounds

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Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-07-28

Developer: KTH

Price: Free

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Not your typical tower defense game, the first difference you will notice in Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is that you are not limited to predetermined grids to place your towers on. Rather, the game takes on an open concept where you can place your towers anywhere on the playing field as long as it is within the confines of a certain radius.

In Cartoon Defense: Space Wars, towers are separated into two types, namely the miners and the attackers. Of course, as per the name suggests, these two types of towers either mine resources for players to build even more towers, or attack the enemy squads. Of course, consecutive upgrades enhance these abilities.

In this case, Cartoon Defense: Space Wars sets itself apart from other games of the same genre as players will need to strategize on which is the exact ideal spot for planting their crafts instead of flooding the entire map with blasters. Players have to take into consideration where the hordes of enemies are coming from as well as the positioning of the raw materials. While it does help that the various turrets will spin themselves so as to angle themselves towards the enemy forces, much planning is still needed for optimal warfare.

A free app, Cartoon Defense: Space Wars definitely gets my thumbs up.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Moderate

Who Is It For:Tower defense fans who like the structure of the genre but want something refreshing

What I Like:The different visual representation from other tower defense games

What I Don't Like:As per most games of the same genre, defeating waves after waves of enemies gets rather boring after a while

Final Statement:Boom boom pow

Read the Developer's Notes:
Cartoon Defense : Space Wars
Cartoon Defense : Space Wars is a Real-Time Strategy Defense game in the universe.
Apply various strategies and tactics to win against the enemy and to protect our planet 'Cartoon'!

Once upon a time, somewhere in the deep universe, there was a beautiful and peaceful planet named “Cartoon”, and there lived a peace-loving tribe, called“White”.
One day, the “Gray” tribe which was one of the most notorious and vicious tribes in the universe, started to intimidate the “White” and forced them to hand over their planet “Cartoon”, saying that they will be brutally retaliated if they refused to.
The "White”, who was the governor of planet cartoon, warned them to leave right away. However, the notorious “Gray” started to attack the planet “Cartoon”.
Therefore, “The White” declared war against the “Gray” to restore justice and the peace of the universe.

Build units with Resources !!
Beat off the enemy and Protect our planet “Cartoon” !!

- Easy to play / intuitive interface
- Unique resource management
- Produce units with resources
- Apply your own strategy to defend against the enemy attack from everywhere
- Manage your units and range using the Colony
- 45 types of units
- Diverse enemy and boss / 80 stages
- Upgrade your unit and planet
- 3 types of game plays (Scenario/ Wave / Battle Star)

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