How to Save ECID SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella


On February 3, 2011

If you do not know what ECID SHSH blobs is, please read this first: What is ECID SHSH. TinyUmbrella doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone (or any iDevices) in order to save your SHSH. Furthermore, TinyUmbrella sends the SHSH request through Cydia’s servers which turn around and request the SHSH from apple. You will […]

Download iTunes 10.1.2 Direct Link


On January 28, 2011

Download iTunes direct link from * Version: 10.1.2 * Post Date: January 27, 2011 * Download ID: DL1103 * File Size: 90.43 MB (Mac) 78.29 MB (Win 32) 79.16 MB (Win 64)

Download iTunes 10.1.1 Direct Link


On January 22, 2011

Download iTunes direct link from Release date: 2010-12-16 Size: 78 MB

What is TinyUmbrella


On December 9, 2010

TinyUmbrella FAQ. This is the most frequently asked question about TinyUmbrella. What is TinyUmbrella?. Why should you use TinyUmbrella. In simple words, I would say that TinyUmbrella is a software/application that will help iPhone users to save SHSH Blobs of iPhone in order to allow them save ECID (SHSH blobs) and let them restore older […]

Disable Automatic Sync on iTunes


On October 23, 2009

Disable Automatic Sync on iTunes You may want to prevent iPhone from syncing automatically when you connect iPhone to a computer other than the one you usually sync with. Here are several options how to disable the automatic sync on iTunes that taken from iPhone user guide book. Turn off automatic syncing for iPhone Connect […]

How to Activate iPhone



Activating iPhone Before you can use any of iPhone‚Äôs features, you must activate iPhone by signing up for a service plan with the iPhone service carrier in your area and registering iPhone with the network. If you already have a wireless account with the carrier, you may be able to upgrade your account to work […]