Cleanup Duplicate Contacts – Review – Delete all your extra contacts easily with this nifty app

On August 5, 2012

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Cleanup Duplicate Contacts – Review – Delete all your extra contacts easily with this nifty app

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By: Wim de Nood

Version #: 2.6

Date Released: 2012-07-18

Developer: Wim de Nood

Price: 0.99

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We all have that annoying moment where extra contacts are created in our address books, be it when we change phones or when we update our lists. However, deleting these individual contacts can prove to be much of a hassle, and this is where Cleanup Duplicate Contacts comes into the picture.

As per the name suggests, the app allows users to automatically filter out such duplicated extra contacts and delete them in bulk. The app will scan your device for matching contacts, present you with a list of said contacts, then let you choose to remove them all or keep them.

One thing I liked about Cleanup Duplicate Contacts would be the ability to set thresholds for the app to sieve out your extra contacts. This way, you can filter out those contacts that you know might come out in the scans which you want to keep, making the whole process a lot easier.

This is an app that you will only use once in a while, but for $0.99 I must say that it is really worth the money. For those who have hundreds or even thousands of contact details in your devices, you most definitely will agree with me that deleting contacts manually is one of the most troublesome things that you could do. Hence, the convenience offered by Cleanup Duplicate Contacts more than justifies the one dollar it costs.

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Quick Take

Value:Med - high.

Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:N.A.

Who Is It For:All iDevice users.

What I Like:The convenience offered.

What I Don't Like:N.A.

Final Statement:This one proved to be very useful to me personally.

Read the Developer's Notes:
#1 Duplicate Contacts Cleanup App for iOS

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is by far the best solution available on your iPhone and iPad to remove multiple duplicate contacts in your address book instantaneously. After Cleanup Duplicate Contacts has worked its magic, your address book will be cleaner, faster and easier to navigate.

This App runs automatically but you will stay in control. Before scanning your contacts, you can configure the merge level: only detect 100% matches or also detect several kinds of partial matching. After that, it will run a scan to check for all duplicate contacts. Once the scan is complete, it will present you with the results. You can then choose to remove all matching contacts from your address book or to merge only a sub-selection of the duplicates found.

Merging just happens automatically. All partially matching contact details will be merged under just one contact for better management. The App also works flawlessly with multiple sources like Gmail and iCloud to keep all duplicate contacts centralized.

- Features -

# Instant Cleanup of Duplicate Contacts
# Choose the merge-level you need
# Very fast - 5000 contacts centralized in about 45 seconds
# Detailed reports of scanned results
# Automatic merging of duplicate contacts
# Manages multiple contact sources like Gmail and iCloud
# Creates a backup of your address book before cleaning
# Lets you easily restore backups or a part of a backup

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts will cleanup your address book within seconds and you'll be amazed.

*****Awesome Customer Support*****

If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit our website at or just contact us at [email protected]

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