CONNECT 4 – Review

On January 20, 2010

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CONNECT 4 – Review

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By: Electronic Arts

Version #: 1.2.8 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2009-11-27


Price: 2.99

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Do you own an iPhone?  Do you like to play games on your iPhone?  Do you like to match wits against opponents?  If you answered “yes” to all three questions then you’ll love an App called Touch4 by FlipSide5, Inc.  Even though this app has been out for a while, the implementation on the iPhone is excellent.
Touch4 is easy to customize – Just click on the information button (denoted by an i) in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and set your options.  First, choose the number of players and who you want to play against – you can play the computer, a friend or family member on your own network or an opponent on the internet.  Next, choose a name for yourself – you can use the default or type in a cool name of your choosing.  Then choose the level of complexity (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and the board size (Small, Medium or Large).  Finally, you can choose who will start the game.
Once you have completed the setup, you are ready to go.  You’ll see the Touch4 board and an arrow at the top (above one of the colored chips) will indicate which opponent goes first.  All you do is touch the column and your chip will drop to the bottom slot.  The goal is to get 4 of your colored chips in a row – diagonally, vertically or horizontally – while your opponent tries to do the same.
Touch4 is a lot of fun.  The more you play, the better you get at it and the harder it becomes especially when playing at the advanced level.  Touch4 is free in the App store though I recommend the $1.99 version for those of you who would prefer not to be interrupted by ads.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:yes

Learning Curve:easy

Who Is It For:game lovers of all ages

What I Like:the iphone implementation is done very well

What I Don't Like:Action is too fast sometimes

Final Statement:very enjoyable game to play

Read the Developer's Notes:
Play the popular checker-dropping game for hours of addictive FUN! Listen to and control music from your iTunes® Library while you play! GO SOLO WITH SINGLE PLAYER Test your talent when you connect 4 in Classic, Challenge, and Advanced Modes with all-new Powerchips, Max Score&Pop Out. PLAY AGAINST FAMILY&FRIENDS Go head-to-head against the competition with Bluetooth, WiFi, or Pass'n Play Multiplayer. STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME Build up your high score and unlock 25 achievements for smart plays. Block&counter your opponent’s moves and be the first to get 4 tokens in a row to win!EYE CANDYCheck out new cut scenes, slow motion gameplay, and cool special effects like exploding chips!

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