Crazy Miner Bob for iPhone, iPad Review

On August 3, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

Crazy Miner Bob for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: Ahoora Ghotbi ravandi

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By Ahoora Ghotbi

Price: $0.99

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Crazy Miner Bob is one of those games you immediately get hooked on. It’s family friendly, and just so much fun! (and I’m still humming that song!)

Crazy Miner Bob used to live a normal life as a regular guy, but he got caught by gold rush and now he spends his time digging for gold. I’ll tell you straight up that I absolutely adore this game. It’s not that hard to play, you can get started without any tutorials, and the level of difficulty just increases at exactly the right pace. You grab the gold, as if you’re in an arcade digging for stuffed bunnies and fake gold watches, and you have to reach a certain level of points before you’ve cleared the level. You can grab the rocks as well to score extra points. After a few starter levels, things get more complex because there’s this pesky mouse that keeps trying to steal your gold, so you have to be quick and grab him! That is until he cottons on and starts wearing a little helmet…

Cute and addictive is how I’d sum up Crazy Miner Bob. There are so many violent games out there, even Angry Birds is about well, angry birds and stealing. This is so innocent and I just love the banjo music, very apt (and I’m still humming).
Definitely worth getting, especially if you want to play with kids and don’t want them to play too many violent games.

Check out the iPad version as well; big screen is a different experience!

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars!

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