Day 4, Giveaway 3 – Juxtaposer

On December 24, 2008

Juxtposer is just one of those apps that you either love or you hate. 

Personally, I love it and don’t understand how anyone could not. Think about it, you take a picture and you take another picture, you take the parts of the first picture that you like and you put them where you want on the second picture. 

For example, my dog’s face on a certain politician’s head


my 60 year-old father-in-laws head on the body of a decreped old 110 year-old,


my head on my wife’s body andmy wife’s head on my body (I definitely get the better deal in that one). 

That’s just funny and the world needs more funny.  I love this app. 

We have 3 copies to give away tonight at 11pm. 

To enter, give us one example of how you might use this really fun app or leave any comment below.

You can get it HERE in the App Store.