Dead Runner Review – Run! Run!

On November 27, 2011

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Dead Runner Review – Run! Run!

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By: Distinctive Games

Version #: 1.3.0

Date Released: 2010-11-27

Developer: Distinctive Games

Price: 0.99

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Run, run from your nightmares! If there is one kind of game I love playing in my iPhone is the infinite running games. Canabalt is one of the best exponents of this kind of game: you control someone escaping from an unnamed foe.

Dead Runner is like Canabalt… on steroids! 3D smooth running in a mist atmosphere among bushes and dead trees… And the tombstones of your previous runs. Yes, I’m right here: when you die you leave a tombstone (there are also others, I don’t know if randomly generated or from the internet). There is one achievement for “finding your own grave”.

The atmosphere of the game is quite chilling, as the soundtrack that accompanies the game. The controls are easy, mostly based on the accelerometer. Incline left: turn left, incline right: turn right. In one of the game modes you also press the screen to run faster and stop pressing to run slower. It can’t get any easier.

In the free version you only have the plain escape mode, with the paid version (or an in-app purchase) you get 2 new modes to keep running from your invisible foes. This is a simple game, but it’s well worth the expense. And if you can’t believe it, just try the free version!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:People not afraid of nightmares

What I Like:The environment effects

What I Don't Like:It can get very monotonous

Final Statement:It's a very good infinite runner game

Read the Developer's Notes:
“Dead Runner is a unique take on the endurance run genre, immersing you in the action with a first-person point of view. It’s a somewhat creepy, yet exhilarating, almost Blair Witch like experience.” –

“Like Blair Witch without the cursing and motion sickness …This is one of those times when I keep pausing from writing just to squeeze in another run. Dead Runner thrives on that “just one more try” compulsion, and features a great list of challenging Achievements.” –

“I didn’t expect it to be so intense that I haven’t been able to put it down till I beat my highscore – and when I do, I’ll want to beat that.” –

You wake up in a dark forest, surrounded by the sounds of the wailing souls trapped in the haunted trees. The howling wind is delivering a chilling message of evil which is drawing closer by the second. The cold whispers of the forgotten souls tell you to run as far as you can, as fast as you can before it’s too late.

You cannot hide or stop for it can see you, find you and take you.

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