Devourer review – Consume Space Invaders with a Black Hole

On December 9, 2011

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Devourer review – Consume Space Invaders with a Black Hole

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By: Liho Games

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2011-09-17

Developer: Liho Games

Price: $0.99

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A general Space Invaders-style concept is a good place to start with a game. The appeal of eradicating pixellated insects off a screen is timeless, and it’d take a big cock-up for such a game not to be fun.


Devourer, despite borrowing visually from Space Invaders, actually plays quite differently. You control what could be described as a black hole, which you sweep around the screen in an attempt to eat the invaders flying across it from all directions.


Killing certain invaders earns you bonus points, while killing others loses you points. While this is intended to add some intensity to the game, it’s actually quite frustrating because you’re scrubbing at the screen so much that you can barely see what’s going on. As such, you’re never really aware if you’re eating the right invaders or the wrong ones.


Devourer features a Classic mode, in which you try to earn as many points as possible in 2 minutes, or a survival mode in which you die after your first slip-up. Also featured in the game are plenty of unlockables and online leaderboards, which round out a decent package. The mindless gameplay won’t be to everyone’s taste though.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:People who enjoy ridding Space of Invaders

What I Like:Pretty visuals

What I Don't Like:Mindless gameplay

Final Statement:Like a deviant, less addictive version of Space Invaders

Read the Developer's Notes:
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"...make it more than worth the small price tag." (4.5/5) -- AppAdvice

"...will give you hours upon hours of addictive gameplay." (8/10) -- TheAppShack

Very sophisticated game design with fitting rock music and several unique ideas is a great mixture for a successfully game. (5/5)-- speed4me in TouchArcade

Retro style with a today flare. Simple yet challenging gameplay, cute graphics and fun music create an awesome game. You can't go wrong at this price. Recommended! (5/5) -- Cyggie in TouchArcade

Anyone who wants or is looking for a game that is easy to pick and play, this is it. Great thought is seen in this game. retina display, awesome sound, and most of FUN! Buy it, you will not be disappointed. (5/5) -- sugimulm in TouchArcade

Massive invaders appeared in space! We need your help, right now!
Simply drag the devourer (artificial black hole) around and gobble as many invaders down as you can.
How long can you survive? How many points can you get? Try to beat your friends in this highly addictive game!

- Simple and intuitive controls
- Addictive gameplay
- 21 achievements to be unlocked
- Game Center support
- Open Feint support
- Full support for Retina display


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