Dinorama Review – Theme Park Tycoon Junior meets Jurassic Park

On December 11, 2013

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Dinorama Review – Theme Park Tycoon Junior meets Jurassic Park

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By: thesixtyone

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Date Released: 2013-10-13

Developer: thesixtyone

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Every kid would have at some point dreamed of opening his own theme park, or at least an amusement park. Who wouldn’t want to be the boss of a wonderful setup filled with rides and mascots, balloons and snack stores? Dinorama lets the younger ones live this dream, teaching them a simple thing or two about managing businesses without the complexity and complications of a full scale tycoon game.

Players start off with one dinosaur attraction. Yes, a real walking dinosaur. From there, as guests start to flow in to check out the peculiarity, funds also roll in and the player gets to expand the theme park. Eventually, players will have enough to buy more dinosaurs, or even branch out to building different attractions like photo booths and gift shops. To add a degree of realism to the game, the attractions call for maintenance costs such as the feeding requirement of the dinosaurs. This allows Dinorama to teach children the fundamental concepts on how a business is run.

Little extra features are also added in by the developers to add an extra degree of fun to the game. These include things like getting tour guides which again prove to be educational for the young players, as well as interacting with guests through mini games like taking pictures and blowing up balloons.

The game promotes a simple banking system, where money stored earns basic interest. This also teaches the young players the basics of economics which will be very useful for them later on in life.

Priced at $3.99, Dinorama acts beyond the scope of being a mere game. Rather, it is a tool that contributes valuable lessons towards the development of the kids. There’s no actual sense of achievement in this game though, because the flexibility is rather limited. Unlike full scale theme park tycoon games, players are rather limited to choice and instead the game plays out more like a preset system instead. So if you are an older gamer, this won’t be suitable for you.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Younger children. The older ones might want to check out proper, full-scale tycoon games.

What I Like:Easy to learn and understand

What I Don't Like:There's not much actual depth to the game but then again, it's meant for children

Final Statement:If you're an adult looking for a full-scale tycoon game, this isn't for you. This is for your kids.

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"Ideal for your blooming entrepreneur." - @AppStore

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"This app does a fabulous job of teaching kids about money and time management. It even introduces a bank where kids can earn interest." - USA Today's Jinny Gudmundsen

Let your kids build a dinosaur park!

As a park owner, they're in charge of everything from buying food and habitats for their dinosaurs to selling popcorn and hiring employees. Dinorama provides an engaging, entrepreneurial experience where kids literally learn the value of saving for a rainy day -- parks are filled with unpredictable events like rainstorms that lower ticket sales, crop shortages that raise food prices, and flat tires that maroon valuable tourists. There's even a (piggy) bank where kids can earn interest!


• Feed herbivores and carnivores with your finger!
• Five whimsical dinosaurs in eight distinct colors, with more on the way!
• Learn about dinosaurs by hiring a tour guide
• Pop popcorn, inflate balloons, and photograph visitors
• Clean and repair your park
• Help visitors find their favorite dinosaur
• Locate Lost & Found items


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