Dive for Treasures Review – Set of on an epic adventure

On October 14, 2013

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Dive for Treasures Review – Set of on an epic adventure

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By: Eccentricity

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2013-07-09

Developer: Eccentricity

Price: 1.99

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We’ve all had fantasies about treasure hunting. Pretending our bathtubs were oceans filled with vast treasures at the bottom we conjured up many fantastic stories from our imaginations. With Dive for Treasures you are entrusted with a mission. You have been tasked to retrieve the lost Mayan artifacts.

You take control of a submarine, a surprisingly easy to pilot one at that. Two steering wheels provide the ability to manipulate depth and movement around the ocean beds as you scramble around searching for treasure. Along the way you encounter pirates who are searching for the same treasure as you. Fight them off with your limited arsenal of missiles. Of course, as per games of this genre, Dive for Treasures allows players to upgrade the attributes of their submarines as the game progresses on.

Although the game is depicted in 2-dimensional cartoon, I liked how the developers placed special attention to how light plays a part. We all know that the depths of the ocean are murky and dark. Light from submarines do not flood the entire seabed with light. Instead, it has a bubble like effect that illuminates a certain radius with the clarity dissipating over distance traveled. Dive for Treasures does it best to emulate that effect.

Priced at $1.99 I am rather impressed by the kind of quality game play I got from this app. If you have two dollars to spare, I definitely recommend you to go give this a shot.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Moderate

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The gameplay is great

What I Don't Like:Game gets stale over time

Final Statement:Why Mayans and not Atlantis?

Read the Developer's Notes:
We were hit by a terrifying storm. The ancient Mayan treasure went down with
the ship. Now the treacherous waters are swarming with pirates... Captain!
You're our last hope. We're counting on you to take command of this
dangerous submarine expedition.

It won't be easy. You'll have to master the realistic submarine steering
that will put your skills to the test. There will be greedy pirates to fight,
tricky caves to navigate and plenty of upgrades to collect. Beautiful
dynamic lighting will bring the wonders of the ocean to life as you explore
deeper and deeper.

Get ready for the adventure of your life. It's time to Dive for Treasure!!


Realistic submarine steering is easy to learn and satisfying to master.

Dynamic lighting and shadows bring the ocean to life.

Mysterious ocean depths and tricky underwater caves to explore.

SONAR minimap to guide you on your way.

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