DIY Map GPS Review – Never again do you have to carry a thick stack of printed maps

On March 8, 2013

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DIY Map GPS Review – Never again do you have to carry a thick stack of printed maps

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By: Builtsoft

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2013-02-12

Developer: Builtsoft

Price: 4.99

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The biggest complaint made about iOS was always about the default map app. So DIY Map GPS comes along and decides to show the world what a decent map application should look like.

Now for starters, DIY Map GPS was not meant for the average Joe who needs to find the fast food chain across the street. While of course the app is able to assist in that pursuit, but that would be greatly undermining its abilities.

The app is targeted at explorers who need an accurate GPS system for pinpoint navigation as they set off on wild adventures in the craziest places. The full-fledged GPS system in the app allows for charts and graphs to be plotted pertaining to the trek, and even weather updates.

But of course, one may ask what about Google Maps? That is no doubt everyone’s favorite go-to for directional and navigational needs. However, what sets DIY Map GPS apart from Google Maps and even other map apps lies in the ability to create offline maps. The thing with map applications on iOS devices is that more often than not, an active cellular connection is needed so that the app can constantly fetch and render an active map.

So for $4.99, I believe DIY Map GPS is worth the money, especially for  those who love spending time exploring the great outdoors.


Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Explorers

What I Like:The offline map function

What I Don't Like:NA

Final Statement:Never run the risk of being lost again

Read the Developer's Notes:
? Optimized for iPod, iPhone4/5, iPad, iPad mini!
? FREE download of 3,788 City Maps worldwide
? FREE download of Millions of Points of Interest
? Use offline atlases created by Mobile Atlas Creator(PC&Mac).
? Create DIY Map through scanned map image(PNG, JPEG).
? Full-featured GPS system
? Use in Offline and No Data Roam
? Useful features(Weather, Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, Flash)

????? TUAW Review - "DIY Map GPS is a good app if you are a hiker, or someone who is going to an area where mapping data may be sparse."
"DIY Map GPS is a GPS navigation solution for those who like to create or annotate their own maps."
"I did like the local weather, sunrise / sunset times and moon phase information that was built into the app."
"If you have specialized scientific or geographic uses this app is a great place to bring your data together."

? DIY Map GPS is unique app. We believe it would be very useful for all world travelers.

? Unique ***DIY Map*** feature!
- Make your own offline maps!
- You can view MBTiles map created by Mobile Create Atlas!
- Create personal map through Map Image (JPEG, PNG)
? Visit for complete instructions.

? Full-featured GPS system
- Offline GPS Track Recording
- Import/Export GPX
- Track Graph
- Share Track(Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS)

? FREE download of 3,788 detailed City Maps and Millions of Points of Interest worldwide.
? Make your own maps with Map Image(JPEG, PNG)!
? You can view MBTiles maps made by Mobile Create Atlas!

? Maps, POI, GPS 100% offline. No network or Wi-Fi required.

? DIY Map GPS is a full-featured GPS system for the iPhone that combines all the functionality of expensive handheld units with the power of wireless technology.

? You can view your own choice of maps, instead of generic maps chosen by somebody else, making it ideal for specialist maps with details not available on other mapping applications.

? Store multiple maps on your iPhone or iPad, and switch between them.

? Your topographic maps can also be viewed while offline with no cellphone or wifi network access, making it ideal for a wide range of outdoor pursuits including hiking, cycling , bushwalking, treking, camping, touring.

? Record tracks, waypoints.
? Use DIY Map GPS on all of your iPhones/iPads/iPods.
? Share tracks in Facebook or Twitter.
? Import and export GPX files, by iTunes, Dropbox and Email.
? Map data and POI are provided by OpenStreetMap. To check the level of detail, go to

? GPS WARNING - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

? Homepage:
? Email: [email protected]

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