Doodle God™ for iPhone, iPad Review

On August 1, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Doodle God™ for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: JoyBits Co Ltd.

Version #: 1.5

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Developer: By JoyBits Ltd.

Price: $0.99

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There’s a whole ‘doodle’ line of games, including the wonderful Doodle jump app, and god-games , such as Pocket God. Doodle God makes the most of it’s charm and options: in the game you are invested with god-like powers and you get to make your own universe!

Doodle God allows you to be god and create the world from four elements: earth, fire, water and air. And just to let you know: fire and water (yes, firewater) makes a neat vodka! The combinations get more and more complex and as the game progresses you’ll probably get stuck (how on earth do you ‘make’ a wherewolf?) but have no fear, there are hints! Every three minute you get a new hint, which either suggests a combination or something you can make.

It looks great, it’s ridiculously addictive so what could possibly be wrong with this game? Well, it does get stupidly difficult towards the end, gameplay is a bit limited and there is no replaying, as that takes all the fun out of it. At $0.99 it’s really worth a shot though, because it is a LOT of fun!

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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