DOOM II RPG – Review

On August 24, 2010

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DOOM II RPG – Review

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By: id Software

Version #: 1.0 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2010-02-08


Price: 3.99

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I am a fan of the original Doom game from way back when, so when its sequels were being offered at a significant discount, I jumped on the chance to own it. Sadly, as with way too many sequels out there, it is somewhat disappointing as compared to the original.

Unlike it’s predecessor, which involved simply moving from Point A to Point B and shooting any monsters along the way, Doom II RPG tries to have a story with character interaction between the mayhem usually in the form of text messages on the screen that one has to tap through to get rid of. On more sophisticated computer systems that use voices and smoother 3D motion, this would probably add to the experience. On the iPhone, it doesn’t.

Doom II does come with some interesting extras such as a comic book based on the game. It also comes with some "mini-games" in the form of puzzles.

The game might be more interesting if the creators decided to redevelop it using the latest iPhone graphics (or maybe create Doom: The Next Generation). The look of it feels dated and even somewhat sloppy. Or perhaps I’m just a purist.

This might have been an impressive game ten or so years ago, but now it’s simply a retro game for your portable device like Frogger or Pac-Man. This is not a bad game, but it could be better. If you like the Doom franchise, you’re going to like this game.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes, but I like Doom.

Learning Curve:Medium.

Who Is It For:Doom-Heads and retro gamers.

What I Like:Good reproduction of the original atmosphere.

What I Don't Like:The RPG nature of the game. I would have preferred a simple FPS.

Final Statement:Doom is back, but not better.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Hell has returned! Prepare yourself for DOOM II RPG for the iPhone, the sequel to id Software’s hit turn based mobile game Doom RPG.A mysterious distress signal calls your team—two hardened Marines and a rookie scientist—to a Union Aerospace Corporation research facility on Earth’s Moon, but you were unprepared for what awaits you. The forces of Hell itself have taken hold of the station and its inhabitants! Zombies and demonic monsters roam the halls, killing allwho cross their path. Your backup squad is dead. Mysterious scientists conspire against you. Even the facility’s AI cannot be trusted. You are being hunted from all sides. Now, you must fight to survive, and try to stop the invasion—and uncover the truth—by any means available.
FEATURES:•Sequel to the 2005 mobile hit DOOM RPG. By the creators of the iPhone hit Wolfenstein RPG!•Battle through 9 maps, spanning the Moon, Earth, and Hell itself. Over 8 hours of gameplay!•Choose from 3 playable characters, each with different starting attributes and dialogue experiences•Over a dozen unique weapons to find, plus improvised weapons such as Sentry Bots or even plumbing fixtures•Eleven different enemy types—each with multiple, increasingly-powerful forms—plus four bosses•Upgradeable skill attributes allow you to customize your character for maximum lethality•Hack security systems to open restricted areas, hijack sentry bots, or lower prices on vending machines.•Power up using Nano Drinks to give you an edge in combat•Interact with NPCs to get information, solve puzzles and survive the hazardous environment•Loot the corpses of your foes to find useful items—or junk.•Auto-mapping feature and mission-tracking PDA functions ensure you’ll never be lost again•Customizable controls; change the size, style, and placement of the control inputs•Three levels of difficulty will give players of all skill levels a challenge•Detailed graphics and complex levels which take advantage of the power of the iPhone•Bonus digital comic included!
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