Downhill Supreme Review – The same old story

On July 18, 2013

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Downhill Supreme Review – The same old story

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By: Reinholds Berzins

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2013-05-29

Developer: Downhill Supreme Support

Price: $0.99

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I never spare games in the Top Charts and had no doubts while grabbing Downhill Supreme, either. But unfortunately, this game provides nothing more than what we’ve seen in the past, or in fact, gives you much less than the others.

The gameplay in Downhill Supreme is so familiar that we can guess it by seeing just a screenshot. There is a rugged terrain and you have to maneuver the rather poor dirt-bike over the hills and valleys, to reach the line on the other end. Wear a helmet and don’t crash are the only rules as you race through the slopes.

You have an accelerate, brake and sway buttons/accelerometer controls. Keep up the balance with perfect timing and right buttons, to avoid breaking your neck. I admit that this is fun and addictive, but we’ve been too much exposed!

There are different sets of levels with tracks of varying difficulties. Do good and earn more stars, points and achievements while finish in least time to unlock more equipments. Upgrade your ride and be the champ as you progress in the tour.

So, to the main question. Should you buy Downhill Supreme? If it were a year back, I might’ve said yes, when the concept was still fresh. But now, I can list out atleast a half dozen games in a breath, which are a xerox of this one. And even free!  Those games have more interesting upgrades, levels and even stunts (the major deal breaker) which are totally absent from Downhill Supreme. Bike Race free by Top free Games is an excellent choice in this regard.

In short, I would pass on this one!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:And that would be, no.

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Pass time gamers

What I Like:The bike modifications are nice

What I Don't Like:The age old concept with nothing new

Final Statement:Not the best game to invest in

Read the Developer's Notes:
Launch off a huge jumps, balance in mid-air, fly over the rock sections and time the perfect landing. Welcome to the thrilling world of Downhill Supreme! It's addictive, action-packed sports game where your skills will be tested in order to become downhill cycling superstar. Have you got what it takes?

Updates with DLCs including tracks and products to be released soon!

- Race on 48 thrilling downhill tracks, from easy to technical.
- Build your dream bike with in-game Bike Builder. Real brands, real deal.
- Have fun the way you like it with tilt, joystick or button controls.
- Master the more challenging techniques to be first down the mountain.
- Enjoy realistic physics and suspension simulation.

Can you be the fastest on the mountain?

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