DrinkTracker Breathalyzer – Review

On June 23, 2009

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DrinkTracker Breathalyzer – Review

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By: DrinkTracker Breathalyzer

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-06-06

Developer: slappmedotcom Pty Ltd

Price: 1.99

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Driving While Intoxicated is a horrible thing—every year thousands of people die due to alcohol related accidents. And that’s not counting all the drivers that spend time in jail, pay enormous fines, and/or lose their license due to driving with a Blood Alcohol Content over the legal limit.

I’m no saint—I do like to have a few drinks when I go out. In my mind I’m always counting drinks and checking the time so I can try and guage whether I can have another or if I should wait That last thing I need is to lose my license or (heavens forbid)  I get into a fatal accident.

Luckily to easy my mind there’s Drink Tracker!

Granted it isn’t as accurate as a breathalyzer, but it’s definitely better than keeping track your BAC in your head!
You start off by entering in some basic information about yourself (age, weight, height, sex) and the “target” BAC.

When you are about to start drinking, start the Drink Tracker “Session”. Every time you have a drink, press ‘Add Drink’ Your drink isn’t there? You can add it to the system by pressing ‘Add New Drink To List’. 
Drink Tracker continually calculates your BAC. No more watching the clock! It even works if you exit the app and then start it up again.

The biggest drawback of Drink Tracker is that you need to remember to add every drink you have. But then again, if you can’t do that, maybe you shouldn’t be driving.

Quick Take
Value: Medium
Would I Buy Again:  Yes!
Learning Curve: Easy to pick up and fun to play
Who Is It For: People that like to drink, but don’t want to be irresponsible.
What I Like: Helps me keep track of my drinking
What I Don’t:  It only comes with a few drinks "built in".  It’d be great if it could hook into a website or other app so I could choose from a wide array of drinks.
Final Statement: It’s a good app if you need to watch what you are drinking.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Keep track of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) while you’re drinking with the DrinkTracker personal breathalyser calculator for iPhone or iTouch.Employing the Widmark Equation and the full set of Widmark Constants, the DrinkTracker breathalyzer makes detailed BAC calculations of the amount of alcohol remaining in the blood over time taking into account the age, height, weight and gender of the drinker, and the time interval since consumption of each drink.Being the most accurate predictive pharmokinetic equations available, the Widmark equations are used in the majority of forensic and medicolegal blood alcohol concentration assessments, and are used as the physiological basis for most modern day police breathalysers.Use the DrinkTracker BAC calculator and breathalyzer to keep track of what you’re drinking and it will automatically calculate what your current blood alcohol content is.Features include:- BAC calculated and displayed in real time, even when the app is turned off. No manual refreshing or re-inputting required.- Supports Imperial, US and Metric measurement systems.- Store and retain editable profiles (age, height, weight, gender) for multiple drinkers.- A target BAC can also be set for each profile, with a countdown timer showing how long before the target BAC is reached. BAC display is colour coded to show when BAC target has been reached.- Add your own favourite drinks to“My Drinks” for fast and easy selection later on. All drink details are fully editable at any time. Manually sort your drink list into the order you want.- Add drinks to the current session now or at a previous time. You can also remove drinks after they’ve been added if you make a mistake.- Full report on current drinking session including duration, details of drinks consumed and time left to reach target BAC.- Email tell-a-friend function
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