Due App for iPhone Review

On December 6, 2010

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Due App for iPhone Review

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By: Lin Junji

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As any good technologically inclined iPhone user has already done, I have found a good task management app to organize my projects and make lists. There are so many apps that deal with task that you being to wonder if anyone can make an app that really wows you. I heard about a todo app called Due by developer Phocus about a month ago, and at first I didn’t pay it much attention to it. As I continued to hear more and more people talk about this app I decided to take a look at it myself and see what all the fuss is about.

The thing that immediately occurred to me when working with Due is that Due is not a typical todo app. Sure, there are lists and checkboxes, but the focus of Due is more of a reminder app that a todo app. There are times when you have tasks that you need to remember, but are not part of a list of tasks to complete. Due gives you one list and each task has a reminder time at which it will begin to remind you of the task with a notification. Due offers a wide range of notification styles and also many ways to deal with them when they happen. There is an automatic snooze that will continue to remind you of the task at a set interval until it is dealt with. You can reassign task to another time or just push it back a couple minutes so until you can tend to it. When inputing tasks Due offers quick buttons for common times during the day which makes it easy to set the reminders to a time that works best for you. Due makes use of iOS 4’s in phone notifications so no internet access is needed to make use of any of Due’s features.

Due also has a great timer feature that lets you set timers for various tasks. These timers are labeled and can be used over and over again for tasks like brewing tea, or any other repetitive task. Reminders can also be recycled from the logbook which tracks tasks you have completed and with one click a task can be sent back to the reminder tab.

Due isn’t your typical todo list. It does replicate the functionality of not only a lot of other todo lists and calendars, but also of built in apps like iOS’s Clock app. The difference is a matter of focus. Due is focused on reminders and repetitive tasks, and while what Due does can be done with many other apps, I don’t see any other apps doing what Due does (a quick tongue twister for you) nearly as well, and with such a great interface. I am always a fan of simple apps that do one thing very well, and Due fits that description to a T. Due is available in the app store for $2.99, so if you find yourself needing a good reminder app, Due would be your app of choice.

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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