Empires: World War Review – What next for the World War?

On November 16, 2012

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Empires: World War Review – What next for the World War?

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By: Midverse Studios, LLC

Version #: 1.4.5

Date Released: 2012-11-02

Developer: Empires: World War Support

Price: 0.99

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Another member of the online empire-building games family, and oh, that’s one big family. Lets see if this one dollar game has what it takes to steal hours out of your day. Spoiler Alert- No!

This game speaks of a land in the post-World War era and the forces of land, water and air join their hands to make sure they can withstand a third one. As the game unveils, you have the choice to lead the Army, Navy or Air Force and as the General, make your motherland proud.

The gameplay is just like any other game in this genre. You can build a military civilization with houses, barracks, shipyards, hangars, farms and mills. Expand your base and decorate it with watch towers & fences, flags & statues and fountains & ponds. Always be prepared to indulge in a war, as other users are looking for an easy victim. As you win battles and  develop the infantry, you will climb up the levels and more features are unlocked. Use your earnings from the state to further upgrade various wings of the civilization. The changes are real-time based and you can use gems to speed them up.  Invite friends to become your allies and save your country together.

Though the overall gameplay is as good as any, I believe that this sort of games should never be paid for. Gold coins for building the state and gems to conquer time are all available as purchases within the app and are worth buying. So, spending 99 cents blindly, even before checking out the game, seems unfair. Games like Clash of Clans and DragonVale maintain their high quality and plethora of users, despite being free and this keeps us wondering. But, if it is the World War theme that gets to you, then Empires: World War is surely your best go.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Only if its is free

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Online and social gamers

What I Like:Animations are better than the lot

What I Don't Like:The price

Final Statement:Wait till it goes free

Read the Developer's Notes:
Build your Military Empire from WWI to WWIII and on to the New Beginning and get ready for global domination!

Control your air, navy and army forces to complete missions and campaign through the world wars to become the most powerful Empire!

Experience Panzer tanks to Hydrogen Bombs, and take control of your own military!

Empires: World War features:

*Upgrade Military technologies to advance from World War I to New beginning
*Battle thousands of other Empires: World War players
*Experience awesome weapons from machine guns to atomic bombs
*Awesome Graphics
*Collect Dozens of Army, Navy, Airforce Units
*Invite friends to make stronger Empire

Note: Empires: World War is an online game and requires an Internet connection to play.

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