Endless Walls – Review

On September 6, 2008

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Endless Walls – Review

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By: Greg Gurath

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-31


Price: 1.99

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I have some friends who specifically in jailbroke their first-generation iPhone’s because they wanted to be ale to customize the look of the device. They wanted to be able to put any number of different icons on the springboard and jailbreaking was the only way to get there.

I’ve never been a huge fan of customizing my devices so I was never drawn to that. The stock icons have always been more than enough for me and when it comes to wallpapers I usually want whatever will be least distracting to me as possible.

So when I saw the interest that this application has generated and I was little bit surprised. Then again, I’m clearly not the target audience.

Regardless, I decided to purchase the program anyway. I fired it up. And I must say… I really like it.

Basically, endless walls is a slideshow of publicly available wallpapers.

It’s a simple concept but it works quite well.

You start it and it begins to scroll through a series of wallpapers. When you get to one you might like you tap the folder icon and that image is saved to your pictures folder so you can later use it as a wallpaper for your iPhone.

If you have one that you would like to share with other people you can e-mail it so that they can have it on their devices.

I appreciate the fact that the garbage can icon brings up a menu that allows you to quickly report the Wallpaper as NSFW, a potential copyright violation, or a display issue.

By going into the iPhone’s settings you can control a number of features including whether or not Endless Walls shows images that are NSFW and the speed of the wallpaper "slideshow". 

For someone who’s not into customizing wallpapers the fact that I saved 15 of them in the first 10 minutes I was using the application says it all.

No, I’m not completely convinced that it’s worth two dollars of putting the price of the application aside it’s a whole lot of fun. And I got some really unique wallpapers out of the deal.

Quick Take

Value:  medium
Would I Buy Again: probably
Learning Curve: low
Who is it for:  people who want to change up their iPhone or iPod Touch’s wallpaper
What I like: Some great images, a good deal of control over the "slideshow"
What I Don’t:  Not sure it is worth $2

Final Statement: I definitely like this app more than I expected I would. Something tells me I’ll be changing my iPhone’s wallpaper a whole lot more frequently now. 

Read the Developer's Notes:
Endless Walls provides access to more than 7,000 iPhone wallpapers and growing.
Wallpapers are presented as a slideshow, viewable any where with WiFi, 3G, or Edge data access.
Save as many wallpapers as you like, which you can then apply as your wallpaper.

Note: It can take a few seconds to start displaying wallpapers since they are streamed when the application is launched.O U R   T A K E . . .

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