Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare Review – Save Poland!

On October 20, 2014

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Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare Review – Save Poland!

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By: Simplus Technologies

Version #: 1.1.0

Date Released: 2014-10-06

Developer: Simplus Technologies

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Even in this era of Metal-optimized and Unreal Engineered ultra graphics games, simplicity and minimalism have their own space. As the game Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare clearly shows, there are things much deeper to a game than just the looks.

2014 marks 75 years after Germany’s invasion into Poland and this game remembers the war through the eyes of a mobile rocket launcher. You are a brave Polish soldier who finds himself in the middle of the iconic battle and you live the history as you strive to change the past.

Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare at its heart, is a side scrolling 2D battle game which sees a single artillery vehicle taking down air-crafts and tanks, protecting Red Cross vehicles and, collecting and transporting supplies through the battle field.


Use the tilt controls to move forward or backward, turn your right thumb to rotate the turret and flex the left one to shoot missiles into the enemies. You are continuously raided by the Nazi Air Force while Panzers chase you from behind. Turn your scopes to proper angles, time your triggers and act quickly, if you’ve to survive these levels.

Shoot down a wing and you be awarded with a special call-in strike power. Just tap on the area you need annihilated and it will be done. Along the way, you’ll find stolen gold which gets you extra points. Also pick up extra fuel, rockets and life which are parachuted from ally copters. Infiltrate as much as you can and get the max points to proceed to the next levels.

The gameplay, to be honest, is harder than you’d expect and is probably what makes it addictive. How the tank handles to your sways and the pace of enemy missiles get some time to get used to, but once that happens, Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare is hard to keep down.


As the game progresses, new levels are unlocked, you climb up in ranks and are given new missions. You’ll come across battles in oceans, strategic levels, historic landmarks and even some boss fights with ships which makes the game far more interesting.

Try not to hurriedly evade the scene. Instead take your time to collect the goodies, make some kills, use the reverse gear and move slowly to enjoy the game. The controls worked great for most part but needs some refinement. The sound effects are great but the background siren gets a bit annoying after sometime.


Overall, Enemy Dawn: WWII Global Conflict Warfare is a pick-and-play sort of game which is great for anybody looking to kill some time. Though you wouldn’t find yourself playing it continuously for hours, you’ll surely be coming back frequently for more.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Medium.

Who Is It For:Quick fix game lovers.

What I Like:The usage of the concept of invasion of Poland.

What I Don't Like:The background music.

Final Statement:Great, but needs some refinement.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Title : Enemy Dawn: Global Conflict

You've seen the trailer. You've waited in anticipation. Now it's here! Play the highly acclaimed “Enemy Dawn”.

The Nazis has invaded Poland and you're smack dab in the middle of the Battle. As a Polish Soldier commanding a mobile rocket launcher, you must defend Poland from the Nazis to prevent the global world order. Defend Poland against an onslaught of Ju-87 Stuka Aircraft, Panzer Tanks and warships. Immerse yourself into the mist of tank warfare. Play the only game with a twist of real history as you develop battle tactics to defeat your enemy.


*Call in artillery strikes
*Fire Katyusha rockets
*Fight off attacking aircraft
*Fight off infantry and tanks
*Attack warships
*Historic landmarks
*4 languages supported- English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

*Rated 12+ for the following:
Frequent intense fantasy violence/ infrequent mild violence.

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